Parents who wish to enroll their children in Bangor Christian Schools for the first time are required to submit an on line application with the registration fee. The full amount of the registration fee must accompany the application in order for it to be accepted for processing. Parents who wish to re-enroll their children at Bangor Christian Schools need only fill out the on line re-enrollment form and submit it for a seat to be reserved for the next school year.

After applying for admission to Bangor Christian Schools, the student and his/her parent(s) will take part in an interview with an administrator. Students will be admitted based on the following criteria:

A. The student has demonstrated the ability to profit from normal school instruction.

B. The student has shown a behavior pattern reflecting a desire for an education and is in agreement with school policies.

C. The parents express an agreement with the philosophy of the school and are willing to have their children trained in accordance with this philosophy.

It may be necessary for a student to take an entrance exam to determine the appropriate grade status. The decision to test a student will be made by the administration upon receipt of the student records and the student interview. All students are given a math placement test.

All parents are required to sign the Parent's Statement of Cooperation that appears on the back of the application.

Students in grade 4 - 12 must sign the Student's Statement of Cooperation that appears on the back of the application.

No student is admitted or allowed to remain in Bangor Christian Schools who does not agree and cooperate with the overall purpose and program of the school.