The primary responsibility of the BCS Advisory Board is to act as an advisor to the head administrator of the school in regard to fulfillment of the school’s mission statement. The board also acts as a resource for the school’s administrators in that its members possess expertise in various areas. From time to time, the head administrator may request board members’ assistance or advice in certain areas of his administrative duties.  The function of the Advisory Board may manifest itself in direct aid to the school administration or in overseeing a committee which had been delegated to such a task.  Members of the Board are expected to serve on and recruit members for various committees as they are established.  Board membership is not to exceed fifteen members or be less than eleven.

Bangor Christian Schools Advisory Board:
Jeff Benjamin, Bangor Christian Headmaster
Martha Boone, Bangor Christian Principal
Karen Collins
Dawna Conant
Scott Griffin
Candace Groski, Vice-Chair (June 2014) 
Jason Hobert, Chair (June 2014) Bangor Baptist Deacon Rep. 
Clint Jackson
Peter Jones
Anthony Libby
Aaron Martin
Jerry Mick, Bangor Baptist Pastor
Edward Potter
Phil Robinson
Michelle Vicnaire