The purpose for athletic activities is fourfold:

A. To show effective testimony of a changed life.

B. To be an active, positive contributor to the community.

C. To promote healthy competition and school spirit.

D. To provide for rigorous exercise of the body.

Bangor Christian High School participates in the Maine Principal's Association for all athletic competition.  This allows us to compete with other schools and be involved in the post season tournament activities for championships.

Athletes are seen as leaders because of societal emphasis on athletics.  Therefore, the school expects its athletes to be leaders in a positive manner, spiritually, socially and academically.

In order for a student to be eligible for a Bangor Christian Schools team, he/she must maintain a grade point average of 75% or better with no F's and at least a 75% in Bible.  No student who is on disciplinary probation is allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities.  Any student who receives an incomplete on a report card must make up the work before continuing to participate with any sports team.  The basis for the grade eligibility is the most recent nine weeks grades.  An athlete who becomes ineligible at the end of a grading period may be reinstated when mid-quarter marks are figured for the following grading period if his/her grades meet the eligibility standards.

From time to time, student-athletes will miss class time due to a scheduled contest.  This will be treated as an excused absence and any missed work will fall under these guidelines.

The athletic director will make every effort to avoid scheduling games on Wednesday nights so that athletes may attend mid-week church services. All practices will end by 5:00pm on Wednesdays.

Season Limits for Detentions for Athletes

  • High School: 
    • 3 Detentions – 2 Game Suspension
    • 4 Detentions – Off the Team for the Season
  • Middle School
    • 4 Detentions – 2 Game Suspension
    • 5 Detentions – Off the Team for the Season
  • Elementary
    • 5 Detentions – 2 Game Suspension
    • 6 Detentions – Off the Team for the Season

Detentions are not necessarily scheduled around sporting practices. If a student is scheduled for a detention, the student may be required to serve the detention before the student is allowed to participate in a practice, especially if the student has shown repetition of poor behavior.

Athletes may not participate in a practice or an event for that day if they arrive at school after 8:15 unless they have a note from a doctor’s appointment.  

Team members are expected to attend all scheduled practices and games, and display exemplary sportsmanship.  

The principal will suspend or permanently remove a player from any team if that student's conduct or attitude makes him/her a poor testimony.  

Student athletes and their parents are required to read and sign the athletic handbook.