Students who plan to drive to school must register with the school office in advance.  Driving to school is a privilege which may be revoked at any time that the student demonstrates an unwillingness to assume the responsibility of the privilege.

A. All students who drive to school must register in the office by providing a copy of their driver’s license and proof of insurance.

B. Students are to park in the spaces provided between the light poles on the radio station side of the church, and any overflow is to park in the back spaces by the church entrance with the awning.  Senior parking is along the road in front of the high school building. Seniors are required to back in when parking in these spaces.

C. Cars are not to be occupied during school hours.  As soon as students arrive at school, all must leave the car and go to their designated areas.   Students are not to go to their cars without permission from the office.

D. Each driver is to demonstrate courteous driving habits.

These policies have been established in an effort to protect our students.