Headmaster's Message

Welcome to Bangor Christian Schools!  If you are a current member of the BCS Family or if you are a graduate of our program, thank you so much for your support.  I simply want to let you know that is a pleasure and a privilege to serve you.  If you are considering BCS for your family, please do not hesitate to call (947-7356), email (jbenjamin@bangorchristian.org) or simply drop in for a visit.  I would love to meet with you, to show you around the school and to find out how we can better serve you and your family.

Every facet of our program focuses on understanding God, His creation and His purpose for humanity leading students to accept their responsibility to each.  Our goal is to help students discover God’s plan for their lives and to equip them for success on whatever path He is leading them.  We provide our students with a challenging, comprehensive education in a God-honoring environment.  Through the years, our students have consistently scored above the national average on various standardized tests and over 90% of our graduates pursue post-secondary education.

We have a renewed focus on Biblical worldview development at the school. This topic has been on my heart even before I started working here, but over the last 3-4 months I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  We, meaning all of us......teachers, staff, administration, coaches and parents, have do be deliberate in helping our children develop a Biblical worldview.  There are so many distractions in our culture that pull them away from God.  It is not that we have ignored the need for a Biblical worldview in the past.  BCS has always been a Christian school in more than just name.  The fact remains however, that our culture is fighting hard against this view and we now have to be more deliberate in our efforts.  

The analogy that I use is that of a "God Box".  We live in a secular world where our lives are separated into boxes.  We open our God box in church and when we pray or read the Bible, but this does not mean that we have a Biblical worldview.  Rather, we need to ensure that our God box is large enough for all of the other boxes in our life (relationships, career, entertainment, sports, math class, etc) fit into it.  It is my hope and prayer that we can help your children expand their God box and begin to see their world through the lens of the Bible and Christianity.  

Thank you so much for your interest in, and support of, Bangor Christian Schools.  Take care and God bless,

Dr. Jeffrey Benjamin, Head of School