The BCS PTF supports a number of incentive programs: Box Tops, Labels for Education, Clynk and Target’s Take Charge of Education. These programs are easy ways for us, as parents, to help earn cash and items for our school and teachers.

Box Tops for Education

The Box Top program is great program to help you earn cash for our school. You can help the school earn cash by returning your collected Box Tops. Each Box Top is worth .10 cents. Please become a member and help Bangor Christian Schools earn more. 

Click here for a box tops worksheet!

As members you have access to free sample offers • coupons • bonus Box Tops offers • Detailed school earnings information. Please go to the following web sites:

Labels for Education

Labels for Education is also an incentive program that all you need to do is clip the label (points and barcode) from the participation products and then return the labels to the school.

Target's Take Charge of Education

Target’s Take Charge of Education donates 1% of your REDcard visa and debit card purchases to the school you register with your card.


Clynk is a recycling program and for every Clynk recycling bag you and your student bring to Hannaford’s Clynk Drop-Off Centers our school earns $3.50. Parents will be able to pick-up the Clynk bags and bag tags at both the Elementary and Middle school secretary. When your bag is full and you drop it off at the Clynk Drop-Off Center at Hannaford please return the envelope the Clynk bag came in and your child will receive a dress down pass.

If you are interested in participating in these programs and/or have any questions please contact Peggy Sherwood at