Chalkboard Chatter

Remember the old chalkboards we used to have in school?  You know the ones.....either black or dark green.  Most often they were a bit dusty and there was always a pile of chalk dust on the floor below.  You might have fond memories of taking notes in history class or watching your math teacher free-hand a circle on the board that would rival a computer drafting program. Maybe you had to write out lines like "I will not put bubble gum on my teacher's seat ever again" 100 times during recess.  (It happens.....we know.  Don't worry, we won't hold that against you!)  

Regardless of your history with chalkboards, everyone at Bangor Christian Schools hopes that this chalkboard will help you learn something new about our school, Christian education, or just life in general.  Please be sure to visit this page often to learn what is going on at BCS.  Go Patriots!

The Sound of Learning

Have you ever walked through an amusement park during off hours?  Or maybe just driven by when it is closed for the season?  The first thing you notice is the silence.  There are no squeals of excitement as young children spin around and around on the rides.  (I was always partial to the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler……what about you?)  There are no whistles blowing or bells ringing from the many games being played.  There are no parents calling out... Read More
Posted by Jeff Benjamin at Friday, December 30, 2016
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