Mandatory Volunteer Time?

Mandatory Volunteer Time?  No Thanks!

Have you ever been part of an organization that required volunteer time?  According to a volunteer is one who performs a service willingly and without pay.  It is impossible to have a mandatory volunteer!!  To quote the Apostle Paul (2 Cor 2:7), God loves a cheerful giver.  We typically think of giving money, but I don’t think I am stretching this too far to include giving time.

Fortunately, Bangor Christian Schools has a long history with individuals and families who have given their time and resources to carry out the mission of the school.   Countless hours of work have been donated by hundreds of volunteers over the last 47 years.  We rely heavily on this support and when things are working well there is a strong sense of community among parents, students, families, teachers and staff.  The biggest risk for organizations like ours is when the number of volunteers shrinks and those that remain become overworked and in some cases “burned out”.  

We are not at that point yet, but let’s face it………volunteerism is challenging for our school.   Geographically, our families are spread out across a 35 mile radius from campus.  We have over 45 different churches represented within the school and many families are already very active in their own churches.  We are all impacted by the “busyness” of life and most families have both parents working outside the home with at least one child in multiple after school activities.  It is difficult to find (or make) time for additional volunteer work.  I have to step up and own part of this too, because honestly, the school could do a better job of communicating volunteer needs and inviting participation at all levels.  The bottom line is that we need to attract more volunteers to help plan activities and implement programs.  The result will be a shared workload and a compelling sense of community. This is vital for our future.

There is no point in highlighting an issue if you do not have a plan to address it.  (That plan does not include mandatory volunteers either!)  For the last few months the BCS Advisory Board has worked through a re-structuring process where members are now leaders of specific committees.  Each board member is responsible to help the Administration keep “a plate spinning” in the following areas:

  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Facilities
  • Alumni Relations
  • Athletics Fundraising
  • Sponsorship
  • Finances
  • Safety and Security
  • School Policy
  • Event Planning
  • Advancement
  • Strategic Planning 

I am extremely thankful to board members for accepting the leadership positions!!  For this to work, we need to communicate the needs of each committee and recruit people with an interest and ability to serve in those areas.  Board members are actively seeking people to help so this is an excellent time for you to let us know where you feel called to serve.  Just send me an email with an expression of interest.  I – or a board member – will be in contact with you as we refine the needs of each committee.


Take care and God bless,

Dr. Benjamin
Posted by Jeff Benjamin at 6:00 AM
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