The Sound of Learning

Have you ever walked through an amusement park during off hours?  Or maybe just driven by when it is closed for the season?  The first thing you notice is the silence.  There are no squeals of excitement as young children spin around and around on the rides.  (I was always partial to the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler……what about you?)  There are no whistles blowing or bells ringing from the many games being played.  There are no parents calling out for their children to “Slow down” or “Hurry up” either.  Nope, when the amusement parks are closed for the season there is just silence.  And to be honest, it just doesn’t feel right. 

I spent a little bit of time this week in my office to pray, plan for the rest of the year and to catch up on a few administrative tasks.  The silence reminded me of an amusement park closed for the season.  It was silent……..and it made me appreciate the buzz of activity that dominates our school August to June, Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm…….for 175 days a year.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I REALLY appreciate a bit of peace and quiet to catch up on some of my own work……….but schools are not supposed to be silent. 

Learning requires activity and activity creates sound.  Think of the students lifting their voices up to our Lord each week during chapel services or as part of the recent Christmas and Thanksgiving programs.  Remember the BCS fans cheering loudly from the stands in Portland as the boys soccer team (led by Aaron Wilcox - National Coach of the Year!) won another state championship.  I can hear the clicking of the keyboard as students learn how to write computer code from Mr. Partridge and I know the familiar sound of pencil on paper as students madly try to finish the last essay question on a history test.  I am also convinced that you could hear a butterfly’s wings beating together in Mrs. McLeod’s classroom………if there was ever a way to keep K4 students silent for more than a few seconds. :)  Learning requires activity and activity creates sound.

As we prepare for the second half of the school year, let us not forget that this is God’s school.  We are part of His story and we are all connected through Him. 

Take care and God bless, Dr. Benjamin


Posted by Jeff Benjamin at 5:00 AM