A. Students are to be in their classroom when the bell rings.

B. Students are to remain in their seats during class unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.  Students are dismissed by the teacher, not the bell: they are to be courteous and attentive until the teacher dis- misses them.

C. Students are not to talk during class except when called upon by the teacher.  All students are to address adults as Mr./Mrs./Miss, never by their first name.  Out of respect for the administration and faculty, we ask parents to set the example when speaking to or about the school personnel when students are present.

D. Students are to refrain from disturbing the class by disorderly conduct.

E. Students are expected to be adequately provisioned for each class with pencil, pen, notebook, textbook and any other items required by the teacher.

F. Students are only allowed to drink water in the classroom buildings. Other drinks are allowed in only in the cafeteria. 

Obedience to these basic classroom rules and other rules and procedures is essential to the maintenance of an orderly classroom.