Following is a list of disciplinary procedures.  Obviously they are modified according to the severity of the offensive behavior and the age of the child.  The purpose of each action is to bring about a change of behavior and is not simply punitive in nature.  These actions are devised and applied so as to discourage continuation of unacceptable conduct.  All procedures may not be appropriate to use with every child.  While they are listed below in an order of severity this does not state nor imply that they will be used in this order.  Certain behavior may require serious disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion on the first offense.  

BCS follows the Biblical values of Matthew 18.  Teachers make every effort to counsel with students and encourage proper behavior before a detention is administered.  Once a detention is given, parents will be notified by mail when the student is to serve the detention.  The administration and office will track the quantities of detentions.