Bangor Christian Schools has a long history of hosting international students from around the world.  These students bring with them experiences and backgrounds that add to the cultural, social, and academic diversity of our school.   Furthermore, as they become integrated into the daily life at Bangor Christian Schools, we come to know each other in a more personal way and get a better understanding of people from other lands.  Also, our international students tend to be highly motivated and bring many positive academic and intellectual attributes to our classrooms.  As a school, it is our desire that these students will greatly benefit from their time at Bangor Christian as well.  We hope the learning opportunities that we offer will assist them in growing intellectually, socially, spiritually, and in many other ways.

During a recent school year, our school was blessed to have nine students whose backgrounds come from living predominantly in another country.  Five of our international students were from China:  Stella, Christina, Yvonne, Danny, and Ralph.  Yea Jicame from South Korea, whileCharis’shome country was India.  Ken grew up in Haiti as did his sister Lauren.

In the 2012 fall edition of the BCS Patriot News, we featured two of our international students who graduated as members of the Class of 2012.  Stella arrived at Bangor Christian in August of 2009 from her home in Shanghai, a city in China of approximately 20 million citizens.  During her time at our school, she was heavily involved in the art program.  Stella was also a member of the cross country, basketball, and softball teams.  Upon graduating from BCS, she went on studying architecture at the prestigious Chicago School of Art.  In regard to her experiences at Bangor Christian, Stella stated, “The people here are nice and they really try to help you.  It’s not just about the academics; it’s about everything.”  

Christina was a student at Bangor Christian Schools for three years. She came to our school from the city of Ningbo in southeastern China with a population of over five million.  Christina enjoyed her classes at Bangor Christian and really became an asset to the school with her photography skills, using them for the school yearbook Wide Horizons and for several editions of the BCS Patriot News.  Christina also was involved with the BCS Drama Club in the production work and worked as a classroom aide with some of our elementary students.   She went on to attend the University of San Francisco after graduation and studied fashion management and business.  Christina shared that she found the people at Bangor Christian to be nice and friendly.  She really appreciated the extra help that her teachers provided and that “they were willing to answer all questions, no matter what.”

“We would like to express our admiration for the international students who grace the hallways of Bangor Christian Schools.  They demonstrate a lot of courage and persistence in coming a long way from their homes to live and study in the United States and complete their courses of study.  Furthermore, we are grateful for the special talents and abilities they bring into our school.  Each of their unique personalities and perspectives serve to enrich our school community and allow us to have a better understanding of the countries and cultures from which they come.  We are blessed by the presence of our international students and hope those of us at Bangor Christian are an encouragement and blessing to them as well.” – Headmaster Jim Frost  (2012)