No student that is showing symptoms of illness, including running a fever, is allowed to remain at school.  When contacted by the office about a sick child, parents are to make arrangements to pick the child up from school as soon as possible.

Students who are unable to participate at recess or in physical education classes are to bring a note from home.  For students to be excused from recess or physical education classes for more than three days, a signed doctor's excuse is required.

Prescription Medication

The school, by law, is not allowed to prescribe or give medicine.  If a student must take medicine during the day, that medicine, along with written doctor's directions, is to be given to the office as soon as the student arrives at school. Note: Students requiring emergency inhalers or epipens must inform the school nurse before they can carry them on their person.

Over the Counter Medication (includes cough drops, cold medication, allergy medication, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, topical creams, etc.)

Students are not allowed to carry any medication on their person or in their bags. All over the counter medication must be turned into the office. Students will not be given any medication unless a parent or guardian has signed the medication permission form. If a student is found with any medications, the item will be confiscated and kept in the school office for a parent or guardian to retrieve.

Student Immunizations

It is the family‚Äôs responsibility to make sure that each child has received the appropriate immunizations.  A student will not be admitted to Bangor Christian Schools until the parent(s) completed the Student Health Information form provided in the admissions packet.  Maine State Law requires that all school children be protected against polio, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, rubella, and varicella.  Parents may have their family physician fax immunizations records to the school at 262-9528.

Health Screenings

The school nurse will provide direction and oversight for the vision and hearing screen program at Bangor Christian Schools.  Screenings will take place pursuant to Maine statutes.  A student whose parent objects in writing to screening on religious grounds will not be screened unless a sight or hearing defect is reasonably apparent.