2019- 2020 School Year

Annual Health Update Form 2019 - 20 (Required each year, for each student)

In order to keep the individual school health record up-to-date, we are requesting that you complete this form and return it by August 16th.  If you have more than one child you will need to submit one copy for each child.

Family Emergency Information 2019 - 20

This form must be filled out in FULL by every family, every year.  We need to have reliable phone numbers and addresses to contact you. If you pre-registered in March 2019 and completed all the information, you do not need this form!

Medication Permission Form

This form is to be filled out when it becomes necessary for a student to receive medication during school hours.  Only one medication may be listed on this form. You must provide the medication in the original container.  This form needs to completed each year!

Student Handbook

All parents and students are required to read our Student Handbook each year and sign the agreement form on the last page.  The Handbook is updated each summer; so, even if you have read it in the past, you should read it again. 

After School Program Information 

Learn more about the BCS after school program (late duty)