Students will be asked to fill out a Level 2 Incident Report when their behavior merits it. The teacher will write a description of the incident. Parents will receive the report in the mail. Parents should sign and return the form to the assistant principal.

Middle School Limits for Detentions 

(These limits are subject to change due to the specific nature of each situation.)  

  • 4 Detentions – Co-curricular - 2 Game Suspension
  • 5 Detentions – Co-curricular - Off the Team for the Season
  • 8 Detentions – In House Suspension
  • 10 Detentions – Suspension from School
  • 15 Detentions – Suspension - Meets with Discipline Committee
  • 20 Detentions – Subject to Expulsion

Offenses (on or off Campus) that may lead to Immediate Suspension and Probable Expulsion

  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages
  • Immoral activities
  • Partaking of illegal drugs
  • Stealing
  • Use of tobacco