Since the school is an extension of the home, Bangor Christian Schools recognizes the importance of the home and school working together for the benefit of the child.  Therefore, a scheduled time has been set aside for parents and school personnel to meet to discuss the needs of the student at the end of first quarter.  Unscheduled conferences may also be necessary throughout the year.

Reasons for teacher-requested conferences include deficient grades, repeated failure to do homework, learning difficulties, disciplinary problems, repeated tardiness and/or personal habits which may be endangering scholastic progress and/or the welfare of the student and others in the class.

If an administrative request for a conference with a parent is not honored, the school reserves the right to withdraw the student from classes until the request is honored.

Parents are urged to arrange all conferences in advance, as teachers' time is heavily scheduled.  To schedule a conference, contact the school office or email the teacher directly.