In an attempt to keep a quality Christian education affordable, Bangor Christian Schools must seek revenues beyond what is raised via tuition payments.  The financial needs not met by tuition revenue are school-wide fundraising, smaller interest group activity, and development office efforts.

The two most notable special interest groups that are involved in fundraising are the booster club and high school classes.  The booster club helps address our needs in the athletic program that are not met through the school-wide campaign.  These activities have included school lunch, memorabilia and merchandise auctions, and basketball program ads.  All fundraisers must be approved by the principal with a two week advance request. 

Each high school class is permitted limited fundraising activity.  These revenues are reserved for their senior class trip, class gift, and graduation expenses.  Students are encouraged to engage in service oriented projects such as school dinners, car washes, dress-down days, etc.  Class fundraising is viewed as a privilege and not a right; therefore, classes are allowed to pursue class projects as long as they have responsibly participated in school-wide efforts

Although fundraising is often times seen as a controversial issue, it is a vital source of revenue to our school.  Because many of our families make great sacrifices to pay tuition, we make every effort to keep costs down.  At the same time, we are constantly expanding and improving our programs.  These fundraising events are one way that our students and families can serve our school community in assuring that a Bangor Christian experience is both valuable and affordable.  

The Patriot Fund is Bangor Christian Schools’ annual giving campaign.  Parents, family members, school employees, alumni and others are encouraged to participate in this effort to support the programs offered by our school.