Attendance at public dances is prohibited.  If a student is found to have attended a public dance, the student will be subject to disciplinary action.

Classroom rules are also established by teachers, and teacher teams.  These rules must be adhered to so that the student may receive the best education possible.  The school can not tolerate behavior that distracts from learning.  We seek to encourage one another, help those who are struggling, pray for those in need, and to watch how we speak of each other.  

The detention system requires students who violate rules to remain in a detention hall after school.  Parents will be notified by mail of the student’s assigned detention prior to the student serving the detention.  

If a problem with behavior or attitude persists, during some point in the procedures listed, the student may be placed on disciplinary probation.  This means that the student's behavior is evaluated frequently by the faculty and administration.  If the administration feels that these measures are not changing the student's behavior, the administration may suggest the parent withdraw the child before expulsion becomes necessary or possibly meet with a discipline committee for determination for expulsion.