2016-17 Patriot Fund

Don't you just love a good story?  

Stories help us build relationships and create memories.  Everyone connected to our school has a story to share.  In fact there are 46 years of stories wrapped up in this school.  The early pioneers of BCS left a tremendous legacy for us.  There is no doubt that this is God's school.  He is the one who connects us all together.  

Your story is part of His story.  Will you help students discover theirs?

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Our desire is for students to discover God's plan for their lives and to be successful in whatever direction He is leading them.  Will you partner with us to provide each student with the best learning and growing experience possible?  We are preparing young hearts and minds for today's world and for God's call on their lives.  We need your help to make every fine arts, athletic and academic initiative one of quality and excellence.  We cannot achieve our goals without your support.  

You are invited to be part of their story.  Will you join us?