2017-18 Patriot Fund

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          Have you ever spoken to 150 students while at the same time choking back tears?  I found myself in that position last spring and it was a defining moment for me in terms of the vision of Bangor Christian Schools.  Let me tell you how it happened...... 

          Our National Honor Society students led us in a time of prayer during a middle and high school chapel service.  They placed several 4’ x 6’ sheets of paper throughout the auditorium.  Students were asked to write down a prayer request on each page and trace their hand over it as they prayed.  Over the next hour, as music quietly played in the background, those sheets were covered with heart-felt, and heart-wrenching, prayer requests.  The students prayed for everything from family members suffering with cancer to decisions about college to world peace.  They praised God for blessings in their lives and they asked Him for help in areas of personal struggle.  At times there were so many hands traced over requests that I could barely make them out. I was asked to lead the closing prayer, but I had difficulty finding the words. 

          It is our desire to see students grow in their faith, have a positive impact in their world for Christ and actively serve in their churches and communities.  We want them to experience God’s love in a personal way so that they are truly prepared for life.  

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