The purpose of suspension is to impress the offending student and his/her peers with the seriousness of the offense and to show them in an unmistakable manner that similar conduct may result in permanent separation from the school.

A student who is under suspension may not enter the school buildings or grounds during regular school hours, unless it is an in-house suspension.  He/she cannot attend any school function while under suspension, i.e., athletics, drama, competitions, banquets, and/or other graduation activities, etc.  All missed class work or homework must be submitted on the day the student returns.  All tests and quizzes missed during the suspension will be taken on the first day back, even if this requires the student to remain after school for a period of time.

Behavior that is grossly in conflict with the purpose and spirit of the program of the school may result in expulsion, even on the first offense.  Any offense which leads to the suspension from extra-curricular activities may carry over probation status into the following semester.