"We have been part of Bangor Christian for a couple of years and we have never regretted our decision. The teachers and staff have been tremendous in meeting the needs of all our children. In fact, when we first arrived, our son was two grade levels behind in math. After the first year he was back on grade level and he now sees a brighter future. He used to say that he was stupid and now he talks about becoming a doctor or owning his own business. Our move to Bangor Christian has also brought our family back to church and we are very thankful for that as well."

Parents of Middle and High School Students

"Our children [are] taught both in word and in action TRUTH in all aspects of their mental, physical, and most importantly spiritual lives. When they step into school every day, we know that what is taught to them is just another building block upon their foundation and it reinforces what is taught in their church, youth group, and at home. We are more at ease and confident knowing that where our children spend about 40hrs. per week for 9 months a year for 13 yrs. is at BCS where they have all the opportunities available to excel as a special creation of God."

Parents of Elementary, Middle and High School Students

"We send our children to BCS because the school offers excellent instruction delivered by a devoted and talented group of teachers and staff. We appreciate the small class sizes, the family atmosphere, and the school's clear commitment to honoring Christ in all that it does."

Parents of Middle School Students

"We have sent our daughter to BCS for the past 9 years because we wanted her academic education to be sifted through the lens of Scripture. Although it is primarily our job as her parents to teach and model the truths of Scripture, we have been blessed to have the BCS staff and teachers as an extension and support in that endeavor. We love knowing that she is getting a top notch academic education in a loving and safe environment from teachers who love her and are invested in training and challenging her both academically and spiritually. The value we find in this is priceless."

Parents of a High School Student