For many years Bangor Christian Schools has been hosting international students from around the world.  These students bring with them experiences and backgrounds that add to the cultural, social, and academic diversity of our school.  It is our desire that these students will greatly benefit from their time at Bangor Christian as well.  Our goal is to provide the necessary learning opportunities that will assist them in growing intellectually, socially, spiritually, and in many other ways.  As our international students become integrated into the daily life at Bangor Christian Schools, we come to know each other in a more personal way and acquire a better understanding of people from other lands.  Furthermore, these students tend to be highly motivated and bring many positive academic and intellectual attributes to our classrooms.  We are very grateful for their contributions to Bangor Christian and wish them Godspeed as they move on to post-secondary studies.  We certainly admire the courage that these students demonstrate in coming half way around the world to live and study in America.

The first student we would like to introduce is Rouxi (Ralph) from Shanghai, China. Ralph participated in basketball and yearbook while at our school and enjoyed being involved in class activities for the Fall Festival and Winter Carnival.   He was an important member of the tech support team for chapel services, concerts, and drama productions as well as for the Refuel ministry at Bangor Baptist Church.  Ralph’s favorite class was anatomy and physiology.   His best times at Bangor Christian involved spending time with his friends.  After graduation, Ralph went on going to college in the United States majoring in computer and electrical engineering.

   Yifan (Yvonne) was a student at Bangor Christian for three years and also hails from the city of Shanghai, China. During her time at BCS, Yvonne was involved with the Student Council and National Honor Society.  She enjoyed her science classes especially chemistry.  Her plans for the future included studying economics/finance or applied mathematics.  Among her favorite memories at Bangor Christian were making the Beowulf movie in British Literature class, the international students’ spring trips, and the special events at Bangor Christian (Winter Carnival, Fall Festival, Spirit Week.)   

Another international student who recently graduated from Bangor Christian is Di (Danny).  His favorite classes were his science classes and he had been a member of the basketball team.  A special memory of Danny’s is throwing a pie at his favorite teachers during the Fall Festival.  He went on studying computer science after graduating from Bangor Christian.  Danny came to Bangor Christian from Taizhou.