Bangor Christian Schools welcomes parents and friends to visit during school hours.  Parents and visitors are required to check in at the school office and receive a visitor’s pass before visiting any other area of the school campus.

Guest Students

Bangor Christian Schools welcomes school age visitors for possible admission or transfer reasons only.  We ask that the following be observed:

A. The student must obtain permission from the office at least one day in advance before bringing a visitor to school for the day.

B. All BCS dress codes apply to the visitor.

C. Guests are limited to a one-day visit to preserve the unity of the classes.   Exceptions may be made only with the permission of the principal.

D. Guests are to remain with the host student as much as possible.

E. The administration may determine that a guest may not be approved for admission to classes, either because of dress or attitude.  He or she may be asked to wait in the office until transportation home can be arranged.