BCS Yearbook Information for 2017- 2018


Hello, my name is Mr. Lowe. I am the new teacher for yearbook taking the place of Mr. Mills.  I understand that an email was sent out at the beginning of the school year.  This email, I’m told, contained a lot of information and was confusing to some.  I do not have a copy of that email but this is what the yearbook staff needs you to know right now.  The yearbook staff is hard at work for the new yearbook.  We will be doing two yearbooks this year, one for the Elementary and one for the Middle/High school. So be sure to click the right school when ordering.  For parents with seniors we need several items turned in.

1.Senior pictures

2.Baby pictures

3.Favorite quote

4.Favorite memory

5.Last will and testament

These items need to be in by Christmas break. I will email again if there is more information that you need. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at rlowe@bangorchristian.org . Thank you.

Mr. Lowe

Questions to Mr. Lowe at rlowe@bangorchristian.org