Bible is graded as an academic subject.  The grade is based upon assessment of memorization of scripture, concepts of lessons, and participation in the class.  


Reading is the foundational course in the elementary grades and is based upon an approach which incorporates phonics and a variety of reading strategies designed to improve both fluency and comprehension.  Students are exposed to a variety of instructional texts and literature which support our Christian values.

Language Arts

The language arts curriculum includes grammar, spelling, penmanship, study skills, and the writing process.   Teachers integrate materials in each of the areas to promote students’ development of effective communication skills.


Our curriculum includes instruction in math concepts, computation, and problem solving, using hands-on lessons and providing practice to develop automaticity in math facts.  

Social Studies

Patriotism is an integral part of the social studies curriculum in each grade. History and geography are taught from a Biblical perspective.  United States History is taught each year through Grade 4, Maine history is also a focus in grade four, and Old world history and geography are taught in grade five.   


Science is taught in all grades.  The materials used for instruction have been selected for their emphasis on creation.  Health is integrated into the science curriculum in all grade levels.  

Physical Education, Art, Music, and Band

Physical Education and music are offered weekly to students in kindergarten through grade 5.  Weekly art instruction is offered to students in grades 1 to 5.  Private music lessons for voice or instrument are available on site for a fee.