Grade Reporting

The purpose of the reporting system is to give parents and students an accurate indication of the progress, or lack of progress, being made.  Grades are available to the parents and the students through an online program.  The grading quarters are listed on the school calendar.  The final report cards are mailed home after the completion of the school year.Student records are collected and maintained to promote the instruction, guidance, and educational progress of each student, and for legitimate educational research.  Parents have the right to inspect and review any and all official records, files, and data directly related to their own children.  Also, parents are allowed to make copies of materials contained in their child's records at their own expense.  A complete statement of policy pertaining to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is available in the main office.

Grading Scale - Primary K4-2

Students in 4-year-old kindergarten through grade 2 receive progress reports with a letter code to indicate the standing in academic areas as well as behavior and work habits.

VG - Very Good
G - Good
S - Satisfactory
SI - Shows Improvement
NI - Needs Improvement
NA - Not Applicable

Grading Scale - Elementary & Secondary

A 93-100
B 85-92
C 75-84
D 70-74
F 0-69
I Incomplete

Honor Roll

Each nine week grading period Bangor Christian Schools publishes an Honor Roll of students whose academic work is outstanding or commendable.All elementary and secondary students qualify for honor roll if their overall average is 85 or better, and they have no incomplete or failing grades at the time of the computation of the honor roll.Secondary students with an A average (93 - 100) will be given High Honors.  Students with a B average (85 - 92) will receive Honors.