To graduate from Bangor Christian Schools, a student must demonstrate the ability to function in a manner that is in agreement with the philosophy of BCS.  Students must earn a minimum of 20 credits to graduate.  The specific minimums in certain subject areas are as follows:

  • Bible 4 credits (or 1 credit for each year of BCS attendance)
  • Language Arts 4 credits
  • Mathematics 3 credits**
  • Science 3 credits**
  • Social Studies 3 credits
  • Computer 1 credit
  • Physical Education 1 credit
  • Health ½ credit (beginning with Class of 2010)
  • Foreign Language * BCS highly recommends that students who plan on attending a four year college take two years of a foreign language.

**It is highly recommended that students planning to attend college take either 4 math credits or 4 science credits or 4 credits of both math and science.

Bangor Christian Schools' administration at times approves an early graduation after three years of high school.  To qualify for early graduation, a student must receive administrative approval prior to the third year of high school, earn a minimum of 22.5 credits and meet the following requirements:

  • Foreign Language 2 credits (same language)
  • Mathematics or Science 1 credit (additional)
  • Bible 1 credit (additional)