Students in grades 9 - 12 earn credits toward graduation based on the following criteria:

A. Each course which meets five days per week for a full period each day will earn 1 credit per year.

B. Classes that meet at least two times per week for a full period each day   will earn ½ credit per year.

C. Credits are computed on the basis of the final grade for the year.

D. At least five academic subjects must be taken each year for four years. The exception to this will be for students taking vocational courses at another location.

E. BCS has a two week drop/add period at the beginning of each school year in which no indication will be made on their transcript if a course is dropped.  Any student who withdraws from a course will receive a WP (withdrew passing) if the course is dropped while the student is receiving a passing grade.  If a student withdraws from a course after the specified drop/add period and is failing the course, a WF (withdrew failing) will be entered onto the transcript.