2020- 2021 School Year

Many of the forms that are required to be completed for the new school year have been done during the re-enrollment phase for your student!  Please note, that each student must have an up todate list of immunizations on file with the school nurse before the first day of school. 

Medication Permission Form

This form is to be filled out when it becomes necessary for a student to receive any medication (over the counter medications or prescription medications) during school hours. Only one medication per student may be listed on this form. Medications must be brought in by the parent/guardian in the original packaging to the office along with this form. This form needs to completed each year!

Click here to download the Medication Permission Form

Student Handbook

All parents and students are required to read our Student Handbook each year and sign the agreement form on the last page.  (This is now part of the re-enrollment process for returning students and should have been completed electronically). The Handbook is updated each summer; so, even if you have read it in the paw part st, you should read it again. 

National Honor Society

High School Honors Diploma Program information

High School Honors Diploma Program

Official High school transcript

Click here to request an Official High School Transcript

After School Program Information 

Learn more about the BCS after school program (late duty)