Our dedicated team of teachers have developed a curriculum that allows students to progress successfully from elementary school into high school. Our program is Biblically based and integrated through all content areas.


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Middle School - Grades 6-8

Students develop essential skills in critical thinking and problem solving and they accept increasing responsibility for their work.  The middle school teaching team has over 60 years of combined teaching experience that has resulted in our students consistently scoring above the national average in standardized testing.  Every part of the middle school program focuses on preparing students with a Biblical worldview and a love for Jesus Christ.

Weekly chapel services provide students with an opportunity to worship God together and each day begins with student led prayer.  Weekly boys and girls Bible studies are also offered during lunch time.  We encourage our students to put others first by participating in service projects throughout the school and in our communities.  Students have collected and delivered clothing to local shelters as well as volunteered time to help organize shelves at a local thrift shop.  Our students raise money each spring for cancer research through a program called Pennies for Patients.  They have also made and delivered thank you cards to police officers and veterans.  It is important for them to recognize the needs of others.

We believe that active learning in the middle school prepares each student for success in high school.  Our students learn through activities where they can create, discover, explore and investigate everything God has given us.  Students track snowfall at two locations on campus and share their data with scientists from across the country.  They learn principles of engineering and physics by designing and building scale models of rollercoasters.  Field trips are also educational with the goal of helping students understand God and his creation.  For example, students have taken a trip to Bar Harbor to increase environmental awareness through a coastal clean-up exercise in science class.   Every other year 7th and 8th graders take a trip to Washington DC to learn more about the history and culture of our country.

There are many other programs and services offered in the middle school.   Our students have competed in regional science and math competitions and we have had great success in history and spelling bees.  In fact one of our students was a finalist in the Scrips National Spelling Bee in 2016 and 2017.  Music options include intermediate and advanced band, chorus as well as private music lessons.   Annual Christmas and spring concerts provide great opportunities to perform for friends and family.  Our students compete in the Penobscot Valley Middle league for soccer, cross country, basketball, cheering, track, baseball and softball.  We also have a full-time guidance counselor on staff who develops specialized instruction plans for students that need additional support.