Music is mentioned throughout Scripture as one of the many ways that we can worship the Lord.  Just as with any gift that God gives us, we are called to use those gifts for His glory.  Every person is musical in some way or form, whether it is playing an instrument or simply listening to music.  

I believe we are to worship the Lord with whichever musical gift we are given.  One person may have to gift of listening carefully to music and would be excellent at running the sound board for a band.  While another person may have the lyrical ability to write beautiful poems that a musician can put to music.  Many are gifted with the ability to play an instrument and “play skillfully”.  

We are called not only to use our gifts but grow in our abilities.  We are to “Sing to Him a new song”.  This is why we have both band and choir programs at Bangor Christian.  Our hope and prayer is that we will grow as musicians, but more importantly grow in our faith as we bring glory to the Almighty Creator.

Rebeka York - Band, Music