The Patriot Fund 

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In 1999, the school board established the Bangor Christian Schools Foundation as a separate organization from the church and school.  The Patriot Fund later became a fund within the Foundation to raise money for the school on a yearly basis.  Gifts to the Patriot Fund allow for strategic invest in our programs.  For example, people have made gifts that allowed us to:

  • improve our technology with things like smart boards, laptops, and the 3D printer;
  • invest in facilities with things like playground equipment and field improvements;
  • honor loved ones by creating named scholarships; and
  • increase safety by installing security cameras.   

It is our desire to see students grow in their faith, have a positive impact in their world for Christ and actively serve in their churches and communities.  We want them to experience God’s love in a personal way so that they are truly prepared for life.  

Every gift makes this vision possible.

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