BCS Yearbook Information for 2018- 19


When ordering yearbooks from TreeRing, please make sure that you choose the yearbook you want, either MS/HS or Elementary

Due to the difficulties in ordering Elementary and MS/HS yearbooks, I have put some steps together that will help. Part of the problem has been that the Elementary yearbooks have their own passcode. Please follow these steps to order your Yearbook:
1.  Orders can not be done on mobile devices. It has to be laptop or desktop with Adobe.
2.  Register with treering.com using the passcode for the yearbook you are ordering.
     Elementary 1015066194082516
     High School/Middle School 101289583783994
3.  If you are still having problems, call tree ring at 877-755-8733. They assured me that they will walk you through it. Hopefully this helps. If need more assistance please email Mr. Lowe at rlowe@bangorchristian.org