Your Story is Part of His Story

The following stories were collected from families within Bangor Christian Schools.  These personal testimonies are powerful examples of how we expand students' minds through their hearts.

Parents of Middle and High School students:  “We have been part of Bangor Christian for a couple of years and we have never regretted our decision.  The teachers and staff have been tremendous in meeting the needs of all our children.  In fact, when we first arrived, our son was two grade levels behind in math.  After the first year he was back on grade level and he now sees a brighter future.  He used to say that he was stupid and now he talks about becoming a doctor or owning his own business.  Our move to Bangor Christian has also brought our family back to church and we are very thankful for that as well.” 

Parents of Elementary, Middle and High School students: “Our children [are] taught both in word and in action TRUTH in all aspects of their mental, physical, and most importantly spiritual lives.  When they step into school every day, we know that what is taught to them is just another building block upon their foundation and it reinforces what is taught in their church, youth group, and at home.  We are more at ease and confident knowing that where our children spend about 40hrs. per week for 9 months a year for 13 yrs. is at BCS where they have all the opportunities available to excel as a special creation of God.”

Parents of Middle School students: “We send our children to BCS because the school offers excellent instruction delivered by a devoted and talented group of teachers and staff. We appreciate the small class sizes, the family atmosphere, and the school's clear commitment to honoring Christ in all that it does.”

Parents of a High School student: “We have sent our daughter to BCS for the past 9 years because we wanted her academic education to be sifted through the lens of Scripture.  Although it is primarily our job as her parents to teach and model the truths of Scripture, we have been blessed to have the BCS staff and teachers as an extension and support in that endeavor.  We love knowing that she is getting a top notch academic education in a loving and safe environment from teachers who love her and are invested in training and challenging her both academically and spiritually.  The value we find in this is priceless.”

Parents of a High School student: “Bangor Christian offers a sound educational curriculum while also providing a Christian perspective not offered in public schools. It is comforting to us to know that we can trust that [our daughter] is receiving an education that will not only help her to succeed academically but also spiritually.”  

Parents of Elementary and Middle School students: "We send our children to BCS to be challenged and learn in a Christ centered environment that emphasizes Christ centered learning and living. To us, BCS represents a community of like-minded people wishing to impart a Christ centered lifestyle to our children. Teachers that listen and care about our kids. Available teachers and staff that are willing to help both kids and parents make the school experience positive and productive.  BCS is a safe environment for our children to grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially.” 

Parents of an Elementary student: “We have found the positives outweigh the hardships like transportation, money, etc. Knowing that he goes to school everyday hearing from God’s word from teachers who truly care not only about his grades but about his heart. There are great teachers in public and private school but the difference for us is that his teachers can say a prayer for him if he is having a bad day.  Academically they are right with top rated schools in the area, and always amaze me with what they are learning.  Having graduated from BCS and now having [my son] there I can say things are not always perfect and we don’t always agree with everything exactly but our children are always the first consideration. The teachers of BCS sacrifice every day to give our kids a loving environment where they can learn to their full potential. So in short I would recommend BCS to anyone who is prayerfully considering sending their children there.”

Parents of a High School student: “When the Christian school our daughter attended closed several years ago, we didn’t have a clear vision how we would continue her education. Our decision to home-school for her seventh and eighth-grade school years was certainly better than the public school option, but it lacked the social integration and fellowship we knew she needed. After much research and prayer, we decided she would begin high school at Bangor Christian. What a blessed decision that was!  As soon as we registered her at BCS we became part of the BCS family. Our entire family has been warmly welcomed and we all feel valued and connected. The culture of the school community has been extremely positive and, although our experience is only months old, we feel as though we have been part of this family for generations. Our daughter is thriving in her school work and she has made friendships that will last her lifetime.  The faculty and staff are very capable, very helpful, and most importantly they demonstrate their faith in ways that are in keeping with our faith.  The academics provide an appropriate challenge to her mind while the spiritual component of the curriculum helps to maintain the priorities we teach at home. This, to us, is the ultimate indication that we made the correct choice when we chose Bangor Christian!  These few words do not adequately reflect how happy we are with Bangor Christian, but our hope is that the reader may identify with some part of what has been written.  If the Lord leads you to Bangor Christian, you can trust that you have been lead to fertile pasture.”